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KMFMS was founded to provide really cool looking T-shirts for people who have no pity for Microsoft. The name and artwork are a parody of the industrial band KMFDM who have similar artwork (probably because we used the same artist) and who play some pretty decent music. KMFMS is in no way associated with KMFDM, although we wish it were.

Plans are underway to parlay KMFMS into the world superpower that it so obviously longs to be. If you would like to be notified of our progress or if you would like to be notified of new products as they become available sign up to be notified when our site changes. If you would like to help add content or products to this site please send us a comment with your ideas. Right now we could use some KMFMS themes for most window managers so if you're bored and decide to make one let us know and we'll link to it if we like it. Before using the KMFMS artwork please read the guidelines for usage.

All webpages and images on this website are copyright 1998 - 2024 by Timothy W Macinta except where otherwise noted. All rights reserved. Please see the guidelines for usage for details. Site design and programming provided by Timothy W Macinta's Contract Software Development service.