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Hey! Are you looking for KMFMS stickers? You can make some yourself if you download this KMFMS image and then go to the Cafe Press' "make your own stuff" page and click on the "Prints & Cards" link for sticker options. You may want to make the image a little larger and add a larger border first.

You can also print your own if you follow the guidelines below.

The KMFMS Sticker Initiative

Over the years, we have received a lot of requests for KMFMS stickers, but the logistics have always impeded widespread production and distribution of these stickers. Consequently, we have not produced any stickers. However, as an experiment we are instituting The KMFMS Sticker Initiative.

You are now free to make your own stickers provided that you follow the guidelines set forth below. Previously, the KMFMS guidelines for usage required that permission be requested and granted before printing and distribution of the KMFMS logo. Now permission is granted for making stickers provided that the following conditions are met:

So basically, you can produce KMFMS stickers and do whatever you want with them (yes, even sell them), just contact us before making significantly more than a hundred.

Sticker Stores

KMFMS does not yet have a preferred sticker store for purchasing stickers from. Once we have received feedback on the quality and reliability of various stores we may select a preferred one. For now, here are the stores that we know of which will make custom stickers for you:

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